George Waller - Freelance Embedded Systems Architect


More than just an engineer, a CTO on tap providing engineering insight and electronic / software design services. Seven years and counting of tech start-up experience. Have confidence your project will be on time and in budget.




As a tech founder, engineering is the most critical part of your business. Without it, you have no product. Poor engineering means over spending (sacrificing more equity), slipping schedules (unhappy investors and detrimental market timing), frustration, low company morale and potential company failure. Implementation is everything. Make your company strong from the outset with insight from an experienced engineer who's been there and done it.


I am a diversly skilled electronic and software engineer. A sufficiently senior engineer is platform agnostic. With thorough fundamental understanding of engineering principles, I can take on many flavours of project including medical devices, wearables, IoT, scientific measurement, imaging, DSP and many more. Get your project off the ground in a healthy way that will benefit your business well into the future. Achieve this with me with proper project planning, healthy engineering process and thorough specifications.


An ESP32 Based Lamp Controller. Circa 2018, GSWDH Ltd.