George is a young driven individual with fantastic skills that enable the creation of powerful, reliable and high performance electronics. These skills have been learned through developing successful electronics devices and systems for the medical, civil, arts and consumer industries. With a passion for elegant design, in all aspects, his  solutions result in a very considered form - particularly useful for artistic applications.


George is open to work on all projects that are challenging, moral and involve innovative ideas with interesting people and companies. This ambition has led to projects with artists Alex Kendall White and Sebastian Kite, one of which starred in the Kilkenny Arts Festival 2018 and the other in the Saatchi gallery. While on the other end of the spectrum, George has developed medical devices such as Aptus and Affinity with Entia. Aptus's electronics hardware, which was entirely designed by George, passed rigorous medical electronics testing first time and is now part of a product that has potentially saved lives around the world. As well as all this, George has now taken technical lead on a large range of disruptive connected devices for the civil engineering industry.


To top it all off, this passion for engineering and creating has lead to a large number of personal projects such as powered speakers, digital signal processing on FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) and motion control. A project currently in early development consists of a novel CNC machine that offers low cost and an intrinsic 4th axis, without any existing documented examples the mathematics, motion control algorithms and software have been built entirely from scratch.


For any type of enquires, questions or pointers on electronics/engineering please contact me:


Email: georgewaller@gswdh.co.uk

George Samuel Waller Design House