As music is such a great passion of mine, a pair of studio style monitors to listen to music were very necessary to build. I really enjoyed the build which spanned a couple of years until I found a suitable workshop to make the enclosures.


The electronics are built into the speakers which means they can utilise active crossovers which are far superior, accurate and cheaper than their passive counterparts. The power supplies and power amplifiers are also built into the enclosures and feature and maximum power output of 180W per speaker from three LM3886 chip amplifiers. The power supplies are compact, powerful and low noise due to their quasi-resonant topology.


They sound great and just require an external preamp or something with volume control. I was using my desktop PC for a long while however upgrading to the 'FPGA FIR DAC' for better digital dynamic range and room equalization.


The enclosure was made with CNC'd birch plywood which is a favorite for the DIY community. I used eleven sheets stacked to create the overall shape and internal volume. The technique yields a very strong box with complex features.


Overall I'm very happy with the project. They sound great and I still use them after four years of use without any problems at all. However, if I was to do the project again I would not include the electronics in the enclosures to make the acoustic upgrade process easier. I would have liked to make the internal wiring a little neater and have thought about an automatic turn on/off circuit based on the signal input.



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