Entia is a company creating innovative and disruptive health analysis devices. The first of which was called Aptus used for professional and home monitoring of anemia. I started working with Entia in their very early days when they only had a bare bones working prototype from which I developed a fully verified (to ISO13485 medical standard) hardware. The device passed all certification first time and is now in mass production. In order to support the high throughput fully automated end of line test equipment was developed in house.


Aptus is now being used in many trials and sold across the world to help monitor haemoglobin and haematocrit for vulnerable individuals, this monitoring could lead to life changing and life saving observations in ones health.


For more information, please visit the Entia website.



Part of the Aptus PCB.



Fully assembled and tested Aptus devices ready for shipping.

George Samuel Waller Design House