Horizons was a project who's hardware and electronics was completed by Alex Kendall White and myself  for Sebastian Kite for the Kilkenny Arts Festival. The electronics and the motion control were the sole responsibility of myself with the constraints of high reliability and safety.


The piece has to run for 6 months everyday for up to 10 hours so the electronics and software had to be designed with this in mind, a very short timescale of 3 weeks added to the difficulty. the controller has the ability to control the independent movement of four stepper motors simultaneously while continuously monitoring the position of the fluorescent lamps. This was achieved with an STM32 microcontroller. The motion control for this project was written, from scratch, in C.


The electronics control box was designed and built by myself.


Overall, Alex's with great design for the mechanical hardware, the piece worked flawlessly which resulted in a great performance of the two beams of light interacting with each other as they move.



George Waller, Sebastian Kite and Alex Kendall White with the finished piece in the gallery.



A prototype of the control system.

George Samuel Waller Design House