Please note, this site is a work in progress.


Over the past couple of years, my professional identity has changed a lot. From being employed to student to employed and student to self employed student to self employed to employed. This has made it difficult for me to make one website to document my making and interests but, here we are!


Overall the aim of this site is to paint a picture of my interests. From my paid work to music loves, I can just refer someone here and they can learn all I would want them to know about me whether they were a potential friend or employer. Also, a big part of this site will be aimed towards sharing knowledge, which I think is one of the best things a human can do. It will be built over months, maybe years, certainly maintained over years.


Main things to look out for here are: FPGA based projects using System Verilog and art projects which I love to help people out on in my personal time.



George Samuel Waller Design House