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Lighting has been on the mind for some time now. For many years have I wanted to create some better lighting and now I have got around to doing it. For the past few years I've also been exploring the industrial aesthetic in my professional work and a little in my private work with my camera design.

This lighting design (the tube work light) comes from a place of frustration of the tech age where products seem to under perform, are superfical and not designed to last. These three things are oppositely true in the industrial sector where things have to work and meet stringent specifications, refreshing. It's a little annoying when some brushed or copper coated steel is branded as industrial...

Flourescent tubes just seemed to attract me with their shape, glow and almost alien apperance. I think the possiblities for interesting design and play with them are great but they are hindered by bulky drivers and mains power making them impossible to be used with exposed terminals.

The means I went about making a low voltage LED based version brings with it the flexibily of almost any length, diameter or shape I want. Picture below. The idea is to have these mounted in electronics that enable their brightness to be controlled over a WiFi network, more soon. I also attach some pics of a power station turned museum (MAAT, Lisbon) for some context.