For such a big part of my life (nearly all of it) I can't not have a music section. Here I'll post the music I've been listening to and is noteworthy. Videos are not mine, of course.


GoGo Penguin

My favorite jazz band. This video was the first I heard of them. I was absolutely blown away and two days later I saw them live; I knew I loved their music. Entrancing, they take me unknown places with beautiful arcs throughout the pieces. Utilizing exhilarating high tempo sections and beautiful islands of calm and contemplation all adjoined with slow energy build and cliffs of release, they create a throughly enjoyable experience that goes beyond reasoned thought.



Future Islands

My favorite band of all time. First discovered on Jools Holland's great Hootenanny (found so many greats on there... and Later), I knew love was inevitable. Their music, is fantastic, Samuel's energy is intoxicating and their messages beautiful - they really do have the whole package. I've seen them live twice and both times lost my mind!



Jaimeo Brown (Transcendence)

Description coming!




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