It'll Never Be You

It'll Never Be You is an on going project inspired by my childhood in English suburbia and Ricky Gervais's description of growing up in a working class family in this country. Gervais, said the following (approximately) while reflecting upon the differences between the USA and UK.


"Americans are brought up to believe they can grow to be the president of the United States. Brits are told, it won't happen to you, don't bother trying."


Ricky Gervais


I feel this observation really resonated with me, it made be determined, not because I wanted to do well, but because I wanted to prove those people wrong. School was a disaster. Morrissey has said it much better than me but I will describe my overall secondary school experience as a negative one with a huge amount more discouragement than encouragement. Society will not progress meaningfully until schooling is fixed.


So, back to the photos. The photos aim to capture the melancholy life of working class living and the general negativity and cynicism that's rife among it.





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