GSWDH has been a name under which I have worked as a freelance engineer. I will take a very wide variety of projects on which this organisation hence the naming of 'design house' and not something like GSW electronics.


I have worked with Entia (my current full time employer) under GSWDH, Osprey Measurement Systems, Sebastian Kite Studio and other small clients along the way.


With Entia, I took their simple proof of concept through to an advanced prototype at which point I was offered a full time roll with Entia. Please see their website for more details about the product. The electronics included an MCU, extensive power management and lithium ion cell charging/moitoring. I was responsible for sourcing components such as the LCD and lithium ion cell from Chinese manufacturers.


Osprey Measurement Systems makes for a very fun electronics design task due to the amount of disciplines it draws upon.

George Samuel Waller Design House